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Begin Your Journey To Mental Wellness

Counseling – Psychological Testing – Psychiatry

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Begin Your Journey To Mental Wellness

Counseling – Psychological Testing – Psychiatry

Benefits of NewPath Therapy

Improved Quality of Life

Getting mental health counseling can teach you new behaviors that will lead to improved relationships, help you achieve your goals, conquer past trauma, and improve your well-being.

A Variety of Expertise

NewPath Therapy & Wellness employs numerous mental health counselors with different specialties, nurse practitioners, and even a psychologist and psychiatrist. We often collaborate together to ensure that you get the best mental health treatment plan for you.

Healthy Coping Mechanisms

Life is stressful and tough, but with the help of a good mental health therapist, you can learn how to deal with struggles in a positive, constructive way instead of falling apart in the face of adversity. You can unlearn self-destructive habits and learn healthy ones.

At NewPath Therapy & Wellness, we know that medication can be an important part of the mental health treatment process in addition to counseling, so we are happy to offer psychiatry as a mental health service. You can meet with our psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioners at either our Lumberton or Beaumont locations or online from the comfort of your home. In most cases, you do not even need a referral for an appointment!

What We Offer

We have different plans for different budgets. You can choose to use insurance or pay out-of-pocket.

Our Happy Clients!

“Compassionate, caring, provides solid feedback and recommendations. Professional and courteous front office staff rounds out a good experience.”



“A very comfortable place! The staff is very nice”


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“This is an amazing place to go for counseling. The staff is so welcoming and helpful, and the therapists here are very professional and compassionate. After just a few sessions, I feel like a weight has been lifted. They even have a psychiatrist here that has been so helpful with getting my medication, so thank you NewPath!”


Xandria Rose

“My experience has been great since starting here. Everyone I’ve spoken to in the office is very friendly, and my therapist has been very supportive and helpful so far!”



“My daughter and I love going here. She has made great progress and loves working with her therapist.”


Melanie Sutton

We are here for you!

We recognize the challenges and stress associated with reaching out for help. It takes courage to be vulnerable, and in doing so, you exhibit great bravery! Our genuine and caring team is here to support and welcome you into a safe and nurturing space. Our goal is to assist you in discovering more about yourself as you experience personal growth. Trust, connection, collaboration, and love are the cornerstones of our approach, empowering you to embark confidently on a journey toward improved mental well-being!

Life feels impossible when journeying alone.

We all try to work harder and be better, thinking that our personal success will help to relieve our emotional pain, but we are never good enough to meet expectations.

We sweep it all under the rug like it didn’t even happen. We try thinking positive thoughts to drown out the negative. But we are the ones drowning under the pressure.

Just when we think we have it all together, juggling being a parent, friend, spouse, employee, child, sibling, boss, etc., that ONE DAY comes, and our world is falling apart all over again.

We know that it feels like you are alone… but you don’t have to do it alone. It is okay to ask for help. Our mental health counselors are here to guide you through whatever you are struggling with whether it be family problems, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addiction and substance abuse, ADD/ADHD, self-esteem issues, PTSD, trauma and abuse, anger issues, and more.

You can and will feel whole again.

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Why choose us?

We understand that many individuals who seek our help have tried many options or endured challenges for a long time. We are so honored to walk with you on your path to personal growth. Our team of expert professionals is dedicated to tailoring our support to suit your unique needs. We embrace individuals, couples, and families from diverse backgrounds without exception. Together, let’s explore the answers you’ve been seeking.