Psychiatry - Medication Management

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Psychiatry - Medication Management

Get medication that you need when you need it in three simple steps!

Step #1

Schedule your intake assessment appointment with one of our NewPath psychiatric professionals…in the Beaumont or Lumberton offices or live video/phone online in all of Texas.

Step #2

Answer assessment questions to help our psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioners better understand your situation and concerns.

Step #3

One of our psychiatric providers will meet with you and personalize your mental health treatment, which may include medication and follow-up sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Psychiatry

Psychiatry is a medical specialty that provides mental health diagnoses and prescribes medication and other treatments for mental health symptoms. Psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners are licensed medical providers who specialize in mental health treatment and medication management.

In general, NO, we do not. There are some exceptions made on a case-by-case basis with certain diagnosed disorders, but the answer is usually NO.

Yes! In most cases, you are able to see one of our medical professionals without a referral from your doctor or therapist. However, some HMO insurance plans require a referral from your primary care provider.

We offer electronic prescribing and can send to any pharmacy of your choosing.

You can see a psychiatrist online or in person. There is no difference in the treatment with medication whether you are in our Beaumont or Lumberton offices or on video/phone chat with our providers.

Our psychiatrist and nurse practitioners are available for live video or phone sessions on most days of the week, including some Saturdays.

It is convenient, professional, HIPAA compliant, and safe!

Without insurance, an appointment with our psychiatric nurse practitioner costs $200.00 for the initial evaluation and $100.00 for follow-up sessions.

Yes! Our psychiatric prescribers all specialize in children and teens and are available to consult with parents during the initial session about questions and concerns when it comes to treatments with medications.

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We care about your mental health.

Our psychiatric professionals are ready to listen and help find the right medications and mental health treatment to get you living the life that you desire.

Talk with a licensed psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner in our Lumberton or Beaumont locations or from the comfort of your own home virtually anywhere in Texas.

NewPath is a treatment team.

Psychiatric prescribers with NewPath use resources from other mental health professionals on our team to assist clients to obtain the best plan for their healing.

In addition, we welcome referrals from others in the mental health, medical, and social service professions. We gladly help to provide diagnostic reports that can be helpful in therapy and treatment plans for your clients as well.

Our team collaborates to bring clients the best possible care.

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Connect with a trusted psychiatric provider at NewPath today!

Whether you want to meet in-person or online, our psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioners are here to help you get the medication that you need to live a fulfilled life. Click to schedule an appointment now!