Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Substance/Alcohol Abuse Therapy


Is Substance Abuse Counseling Right for Me?

How do I know if I need substance abuse counseling or maybe just a 12-step group?

When does substance use qualify as substance abuse?

Binge-drinking on the weekend… popping a few pills to get by…

When you use substances in place of healthier coping skills, you are abusing a substance and when you are unable to overcome addictive and compulsive self-destructive urges such as binge eating, drinking, taking drugs, gambling, exercising, shopping, gaming or engaging in self-destructive sexual behavior, you’re headed down the self-destructive road to addiction.

Substance abuse transforms into addiction when the user develops a physiological and psychological dependence on the drug or behavior.  If you find yourself needing more and more to get what the high you’re looking for, you might be experiencing addiction and we can help!

The cycle of addiction can be broken.

There is hope!

NewPath has specialized counselors who understand addition recovery and can guide you through the steps of breaking this cycle.

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