If you find the answer is “yes” to even two or three of these questions, you should seriously consider the possibility that you have a problem.

  • Have you ever tried to cut back, or try to control (successfully or unsuccessfully) your drinking, drug use, sexual activity, gambling, gaming or other compulsive behaviors?
  • Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your drinking or drug use, sexual activity, gambling, gaming or other compulsive behaviors?
  • Do you ever take a morning eye-opener to steady your nerves or get rid of a hangover?
  • Do you use prescription drugs more often than prescribed?
  • Have you ever asked more than one doctor to prescribe a drug for you?
  • Are alcohol, drugs, pornography, sex, gambling or gaming sometimes more important than other things in your life: family, job, school, values?

If you notice these behaviors in yourself or someone you love, it’s important to seek help.

  • Have you gone to work or driven a car while intoxicated, high, or in a drug-induced haze?
  • Do you need to resort to chemical assistance, sexual gratification or other compulsive behaviors in order to do something (start the day, work) or to change how you feel (sad, anxious, angry)?
  • Do you notice you need a bigger fix in order to get a reaction or particular feeling?
  • Do you panic when you have to be where booze or drugs will not be available?
  • Do you sometimes carry booze or drugs around with you?
  • Do you wake up the morning after with no or limited memory of the night before?

Sometimes people seek help for these symptoms first.

  • Do you find yourself lying to your spouse, your kids, your friends or your employer, to cover up your compulsive behaviors?
  • Have you ever switched from one kind of drink to another in the hope that this would keep you from getting drunk?
  • Have you had problems related to drinking or drug use during the past year (DUI, DWI, PI, lost work or school days, missed appointments, financial problems, auto or other accidents)?
  • Are those around you annoyed by or concerned about your compulsive behaviors?
  • Are you annoyed by their concern?

Recovery from substance abuse and addiction is a life-long journey—and it may be the hardest thing you ever do—but it’s worth it! NewPath can help!
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