New/Young Parents

New/Young Parents

Good news about parent counseling- You are not alone!

The excellent news, is that it is possible to actually learn ways of making our relationship stronger and more resilient – even when we feel we have little energy and are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted.

Through parenting counseling you can learn ways to:

  • support & prepare our relationship for the Big Change;
  • to build affection, fondness and warmth in our relationship;
  • increase resilience to stress-producing day to day demands of caring for an infant;
  • work together, working towards mutually satisfying solutions;
  • identify values and take action in support of these values;
  • learn to regulate conflict and emotional intensity;
  • increase skills around repairing and healing relationship hurts.

Services NewPath offers to support the new parent

  • Screening for new parents to identify risk factors that may lead to postpartum depression
  • Treatment for women who are pregnant, have recently given birth or have young infants
  • Support for parents who are experiencing grief and loss due to having a miscarriage, stillborn baby or an infant death
  • Individual Counseling for new parents who are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression
  • Couples Counseling for new parents who would like to learn how to communicate more effectively with each other
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