Adulting Issues

Young Adult Issues

How can counseling and therapy help young adults?

Adulting is tough!.  We know, it can seem impossible at times and you might find yourself feeling hopeless about the future or confused about where to go from here. Sound like you? In a constant state of transition?

The truth is, adults born between 1980 to 2000 can possibly have some of the following symptoms:

  • Poor work ethic
  • Low distress tolerance
  • Low levels of motivation
  • Low levels of persistence
  • High expectations of others without reciprocating
  • Failure to take responsibility
  • Lack of vision (for the future or long-term goals)
  • Lack of skills needed for adulthood (basic cooking and cleaning skills)
  • Narcissism

HOPE! The cool part about 20-30-somethings, known as millennials, is that they are constantly reflecting back on their relationship with self, work, and life and are more in charge of shaping their own career and life than any generation before them. They choose to embrace the freedom to continually re-invent themselves and author their own life story. Very cool!  Until it’s not, right?

You’re not alone! Most 20-30 somethings are confused. Fortunately for us all, the millennial generation is proving itself to be a group of people with independence, confidence, and diversity — collaboration and a hint of selfishness. We believe that is a good thing.

Most of the time, with some good coaching, regular feedback and a diverse community of people in your lives, you will do not only succeed, but live and prosper.

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