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NewPath Counseling Group

Our vision

…is to be a collaborative, passionate, and innovative team of therapists who help to solve life’s challenges – in an environment that is completely client-focused…because every journey matters!

We are committed to a wholistic and team-spirited method for our work with adults, teens, children, and elders in our local communities. Our clients are folks just like you! …dealing with a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, teen and preteen issues and behavioral problems, chemical dependency, co dependency, blended family issues, trauma recovery, elder care, parenting issues and childhood developmental issues…and well…you get the point! Help for life’s journey … we’ve got you covered!

The NewPath Difference

Simply put…you will not find another counseling group like NewPath in southeast Texas! With our team of honest, genuine, and caring therapists that use passion, enthusiasm, creativity and many times a sense of humor, we are all here to help you along the way.  From our warm, home-like atmosphere, to the authentic greeting with a smile, to the relief you feel when you leave…NewPath is the real deal!

At NewPath, you can expect …

…an inviting, client-focused setting

You are here to talk about some pretty difficult stuff and we are honored that you have chosen us and we work hard to make your experience positive and welcoming. Our staff with greet you by name and help you to begin to relax for your self-care time in our offices.

…a trustworthy, collaborative team

Our team setting at NewPath is unique to the traditional mental health experience. Working in isolation can limit professionals from receiving ideas and insight from colleagues…it also not as much fun! We spend dedicated time together as a team each month to discuss cases and participate in continuing education classes on topics that are needed to better help our clients and keep us up to date on current treatments.

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