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Ashley Klamfoth



Ashley Klamfoth, LCSW

Ashley Klamfoth



Mental Health Specialties

  • Aging and aging parents
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Grief and loss

Life is a roller coaster of emotion.

During our lives we experience many ups and downs, and at times it can all seem overwhelming. When these obstacles occur, we can begin to lose sight of ourselves and our well-being. We forget to meet our fundamental needs of safety, socialization, self-esteem, and love.


Facing these problems head on can cause emotional and mental stressors in your life, and it’s understandable.

You may not know where to begin in the process of finding peace, and that is what I am here for.

Meeting you where you are

I believe that a person’s fundamental needs must be met before they can focus on improving their quality of life.

I want to help you explore all options that would best improve your overall well-being.

My approach to counseling incorporates a systems approach, which monitors how a person’s family and environment affect emotional and physical wellness; however, I am not just a mental health counselor, but one who cares about what each client takes from every session.

My goal is to help a variety of people improve their life through mental health therapy and I believe in starting where the client is.

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Areas of focus

My 20 years or more of experience in mental health have allowed me to work in psychiatric inpatient settings with children and adults, as well as other various settings including hospice agencies with terminally ill clients and their families.

I enjoy helping people and seeing them thrive in their lives!

Who I am out of the office

I keep a busy, fulfilled life as a wife and mother. My down time is pretty much non-existent as I’m always driving boys to and from various types of sports practices.

In addition, I spend most of my Saturdays cheering my boys on in either soccer, football, or basketball. I enjoy every minute of it and am enjoying watching them grow up.

I am also a huge animal lover and we have two dogs and one cat.

My favorite things to do besides spending time with my family are cooking, decorating, and reading.

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Let's talk about your mental health.

Together we will meet your fundamental needs and lead a life of personal growth.

Schedule an appointment with me and start improving your mental health!