Therapeutic Groups

Group therapy is a popular mode of therapy for both therapists and clients. Group therapy is a highly effective form of psychotherapy that is based on interdependence and interaction among the group members who mutually disclose personal material. While group therapy is sometimes used alone, it is also commonly integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan that may also include individual psychotherapy.

These Groups Include:

Psychoeducational Groups

Counseling Groups

Psychotherapy Groups

If you’ve thought about participating in a therapeutic group, good for you! Group treatment is an effective modality for helping people heal from emotional difficulties as well as helping people learn new skills and enhance overall wellness.

But what kind of group should you join? Although the general public may view all group therapy as the same, there actually are several different kinds of groups from which to choose. It’s true that all therapeutic groups have these three purposes in common:

·         To increase group members’ knowledge of themselves and others;

·         To clarify the changes group members want to make in their lives, and

·         To provide group members with the tools to make those changes
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