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Some Reasons Teens Go to Therapists

When teens are going through a rough time, such as family troubles or problems in school, they might feel more supported if they talk to a therapist. They may be feeling sad, angry, or overwhelmed by what’s been happening — and need help sorting out their feelings, finding solutions to their problems, or just feeling better. That’s when therapy can help.

Just a few examples of situations in which therapy can help are when someone:

  • feels sad, depressed, worried, shy, or just stressed out
  • is dieting or overeating for too long or it becomes a problem (eating disorders)
  • cuts, burns, or self-injures
  • is dealing with an attention problem (ADHD) or a learning problem
  • is coping with a chronic illness (such as diabetes or asthma) or a new diagnosis of a serious problem such as HIV, cancer, or a sexually transmitted disease (STD)
  • is dealing with family changes such as separation and divorce, or family problems such as alcoholism or addiction
  • is trying to cope with a traumatic event, death of a loved one, or worry over world events
  • has a habit he or she would like to get rid of, such as nail biting, hair pulling, smoking, or spending too much money, or getting hooked on medications, drugs, or pills
  • wants to sort out problems like managing anger or coping with peer pressure
  • wants to build self-confidence or figure out ways to make more friends

In short, therapy offers people support when they are going through difficult times.


There are many competing forces of human development happening inside the teenage body: psychological, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual. Parents who are prepared to understand each facet of this and continue to learn, be flexible, and not feel the need to control what is natural, can discover that parenting a teen can be fun.

Parents must get comfortable hearing what they don’t want to hear. The more you listen, the more your kid will talk. If they know you’re safe and non-judgmental, your kids will seek you out when situations get too tough.

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