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Mark Asteris, EdD



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$150 per 50-minute session

Counseling is really just a conversation. We will work together, collaboratively, in a compassionate and accepting atmosphere where we will access your desire to change behaviors or beliefs that conflict with current personal values or goals. Your autonomy will help resolve ambivalence. We will work to strengthen your personal motivation for change and focus on your ability to formulate and select goals, construct plans, and to act freely in the implementation of the change. My job isn’t to direct or educate, but to be your guide. Guiding allows us to search for direction, a meeting of expertise in which the focus is negotiated. The focus, momentum, and content will be in the direction of change. The goal is to build your capabilities and strengths, in order to resolve the dilemma.


I began working with clients in 1993 as a juvenile probation officer. I found out quickly that when you work with adolescents, you work with entire families. While working towards licensure I facilitated anger management groups and provided individual counseling at the Women’s Center in Beaumont. In 2006 I received my counseling licenses and started facilitating therapeutic groups for adults and adolescents in the community.

In 2011, I joined the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) after completing my Motivational Interviewing training in Sheffield, England. I currently provide individual and group therapeutic interventions in SOTP for adults and adolescents. I also provide training and consulting for agencies implementing Motivational Interviewing.




Anger Management



Coping Skills


Dissociative Disorders


Domestic Abuse

Impulse Control Disorders

Men’s Issues

Sex Therapy

Sexual Abuse

Sexual Addiction

Teen Violence

Trauma and PTSD
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