Mandatory Classes & Counseling

Court-Ordered Courses

Intake Session = $120

Follow-up Sessions = $60 each


  • Anger Management/Domestic Violence

    • 16 Hour/26 Hour/40 Hour/ 48 Hour courses available
  • Chronic Impulsivity/Theft 

    • 16 Hour/26 Hour courses available
  • Parenting 

    • 8 Hour course available
  • Sexual Addiction

  • Substance/Alcohol Abuse

    • 48 Hour course available

Our court-ordered courses are conducted as private/individual sessions in addition to homework/self-study workbook completion. You will have an initial intake session with your counselor and then follow-up sessions to monitor the understanding of homework and completion. A court-approved Certificate of Completion is given once all course materials, time requirements, and payments have been met.
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