Kids & Play Therapy

UntitledKids & Play Therapy

Play is a child’s natural form of communication and the primary way in which a child orients him/herself to the world. NewPath Counseling group has a number of creative and dedicated therapists available to help your child explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe supportive environment. Much like an adult is able to process and work through their problems by talking to someone, children express themselves through their play. Play therapy is a developmentally appropriate medium that will allow for children to build on coping skills, explore relationships with others, increase self-esteem, problem solving and feelings identification.

Preparing for the first session….

The first session should is for the parent or caregiver only. This is an opportunity for the therapist and you to discuss concerns you are experiencing, complete paperwork and collect developmental history as well as discuss what to expect moving forward.


If the child’s parents are separated or divorced please provide a copy of the custody agreement.
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