At the NewPath Counseling Group, we’re committed to educating new therapists and introducing them to the hands on skills of counseling. We’ve created a unique, collaborative team environment that enables you to be challenged, gain valuable knowledge and have great fun, all at the same time!

NewPath Counseling Group participants include

  • Masters level interns seeking supervised experience toward the completion of their graduate degrees. (Practicum students)
  • LPC Interns
  • Licensed clinicians receiving Continuing Education credits toward maintaining licensure

Our interns have the benefit of LPC approved supervisors, and LCSW approved supervisors, along with access to the experience and ideas of any of our licensed therapists and staff

Our process

We have clinical meetings twice a month and discuss cases as a team – with every therapist is present – supervisors, senior clinicians and interns alike. Every case is open for discussion. No question is too dumb, and every one of us – including senior clinicians – makes use of the experience, ideas and creative thinking of the rest of the team.

Masters level interns also receive one additional hour a week of supervision specifically designed for them.

With the specialty topics discussed at each clinical meeting and many with CEU credits, interns and students gain extremely valuable knowledge to be able to understand the importance of specialization in the field of counseling.

How to apply

If you are interested in being a NewPath Counseling Group masters-level or licensure-level intern, email your cover letter and resume to at least 4 weeks before your start date. Your cover letter should mention the population you are interested in working with and your desired start date. Please include a photo of yourself with your resume.
(409) 200-2220

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