Death and Dying

Dealing with Death and Dying

Coping with Loss

For many, the first time counseling will come up in regards to death is after a death has occurred, and grief counseling is recommended. This vastly undervalues the extent of services grief counselors can provide. These professionals focus on loss-related counseling: from the grief of an amputee coming to terms with a physical, practical and emotional loss, to counseling for the middle-aged coming to terms with loss of youth, to helping prepared the dying for their own death, grief counselors offer support and healing in many ways. Death, however, as the greatest loss, is likely to remain the most recognized area of service grief counselors provide.

Preparing for Loss

Almost unknown in our death-defying culture is the profession of the pre-death counselor. Yet pre-death counseling can help all involved in transcendent, emotional ways, and in gritty, practical ways. A capable pre-death counselor is educated in helping an individual and those around them prepare for death emotionally, and logistically. As such they can be turned to for information about patients’ rights, hospice care, termination of treatments, funeral and mortician services. Many can help find a lawyer for the preparation of a complex will, care providers to help the dying and their families cope with practical needs at a tempestuous time, and can help all involved approach a coming death with grace, love and dignity.

Counseling may be beneficial during 4 stages of this process:

  • Before illness strikes
  • After illness is diagnosed and treatments begin
  • During advanced illness and the dying process
  • After the death of the patient, with bereaved survivors

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