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____Christian Counseling____

Spirituality and Christianity are undeniably complex topics that can be polarizing to both therapists and clients alike. Therapists may be reluctant to introduce the possibility of accidentally offending their clients; and therapy-goers may cringe at the thought of discussing their spiritual views, be too timid to broach the subject, or unintentionally overlook the relevance of spirituality to the therapeutic process.

At the NewPath Counseling, we believe that the most effective therapeutic treatments address the interaction between your body, mind, AND spirit; and we recognize that for practitioners of all faiths, this last part can be particularly important. Acknowledging how our spiritual views imprint upon our behavior can allow not only for a more comprehensive self-discovery process, but can also open up previously unexplored outlets for healing.

How Can Christian & Spiritual Counseling be helpful for Me?

Your decision to discuss Christianity or Spirituality during your counseling sessions should be a matter of your own choosing. However, for those who do decide, your therapist will provide you with a safe space to express your spiritual concerns and opinions without imposing their own spiritual viewpoints onto you.

NewPath strives for diversity in our staff. Some of our counselors have studied Biblical Studies, Theology, or Christian Counseling; and there are members on our staff from Protestant, Catholic, and other faiths. We also offer meditation and mindfulness, for those who enjoy expressing their spirituality through alternative outlets.
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